Dependent Functions

1) Functions: In general, the work of a sales agent or sales agent consists of receiving, servicing and selling directly to the customer products that do not require specific manipulation, applying the appropriate sales technique, and closing the transaction by registering and Collection of the same, and the completion of the relevant documentation. Solve and / or channel claims, collaborate in the provision of the point of sale and its animation and operational maintenance.

Welcoming the customer in the establishment
Assist the customer in all matters related to the purchase, identifying and meeting their needs according to the existing offer and the objectives set by the establishment
Carry out and record the sale, and collect
Resolve within your responsibility the claims of customers
Preparing and packaging the products requested by the customer in an appropriate way
Detect supply needs based on sales made to maintain stock
Support in the work of supplying new products
Monitor the merchandise entry, checking that it fits the order previously made.
Potentialize the purchase in the establishment following the instructions received
Keep up to date all available information to properly guide the customer in their purchase.

What to do to work as a sales clerk

If you think that to work as a clerk in a store you only need to have a good image and be nice and that all you have to do is to go through the stores in your city leaving your CV, you are probably going to take many disappointments. Certainly it is not so simple and the more knowledge you have of the retail sector and the functions and training you need to be a salesperson, the more possibilities you will have to be hired and the better working conditions and therefore a better salary.

Retail trade is a sector of great importance in Spain. In some regions, a third of the companies belong to this sector. This means that it is a very important source of employment, whether full-time, part-time or seasonal. Especially among the young people who can have a job that can easily combine with the studies and an extraordinary way to get work experience.